Guru Nanak College of Nursing  Dhahan Kaleran


.  Corridors & bathrooms are to be kept clean.

. Rooms are to be cleaned properly.

. No lights to be switched on in the daylight.

. No pasting of posters on the walls.

. Study timings are from 8:30pm to11:00 pm.

. Watching T V allowed between 7:00pm to8:00pm  

. No use of electrical equipment in college /hostel including walkman.

. No noise during college timings or during study period.

. Visit to Gurudwara sahib from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm.

. Visit to canteen between 4:30pm to5:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9:00 am to  6:00 pm on Sunday.

. Students are not allowed to sit in canteen and no order should be placed/received after 06.00 P.m.

. Sports and extra-curricular activities are allowed every evening between 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

. Anyone found tampering with college and hostel property will be fined.

. Everyone should get the attendance marked to the warden before dinner.

. No one is allowed to go outside gate without written permission.

. Use of mobile phone in the hostel/hospital is not permitted, if anybody found will be fined Rs. 5000/-.

. No one is allowed to go to staff hostel and make phone calls to teachers personal numbers.

. Students have to come to hostel on Sunday evening from their routine night stay.

. Students have to fill movement register before leaving the  hostel ( for hospital, canteen, tuckshop etc.)


.No body will roam unnecessarily on ground floor, especially around Principal’s Office, Staff Rooms and Labs

. Classrooms are to be arranged properly and are to be kept clean.

. Students will not come to college in night suits and slippers

. All lights and fans are to be switched off before leaving the class.

. No student will use the teacher’s  office for any activity before and after college hours.

. No student will enter the Principal’s office without informing the class teacher.

. Don’t write or past anything to wall &boards.

. Don’t enter teacher’s office without permission.

. Don’t watch T.V during college hours.

. No student is allowed to enter LAB without permission.

. No student can sit in the hostel room during class hours.

. Student found absent from class have to do one makeup.


. During off-hours, no one should go to the hospital without wardens’ permission.

. Students going for morning, evening and night duty should enter their names & time  in the register kept in Warden’s Office.

. Students should be in neat and clean uniform.

. All pocket articles should be complete.

. Punctuality is to be strictly maintained and the students have to make entry of arriving and leaving the clinical area.

. Don’t visit relatives on duty.

. Wear uniform for going  to hospital for any work.

. Once duty roster has been made; no further changes will be entertained

. Don’t wear ornaments and makeup during clinical area.

. No one is allowed to leave their clinical area without informing ward Incharge and senior staff of that area.

. No one is allowed to come back to hostel during duty hours and if any body found doing so will be punished.

.  If students are absent from clinical area without information they will be marked absent and have to do double duty for that.


. Two night pass are allowed once in a month for B.Sc.(N) I,II,III year, interns and G.N.M.     I, II, 1II year student..

Students can avail only one emergency leave, and they are not entitled to have any marriage leave or Akhandpath leave. And leave should be approved from parents only.

. Not more than three days will be granted  for self marriage of the student.

. If student is absent from institute for one week, she will not be allowed to sit in the exam.

- If student is absent more than one week, her course duration will be extended for six months.  

. No outing is allowed for the students.

. No leave during weekend.

. If student is coming on Monday morning –one night pass will be deducted.

. If student is absent for one day, she has to pay Rs 100/- as fine, two make ups and one night pass will be deducted.

. No advance night pass will be given.


. No parent is allowed to meet their child on any other day except on Saturday and Sunday.

. No student is allowed to make phone call beyond 180 seconds of duration.

. Phone call beyond stipulated time will not be allowed.

. No student will be allowed at any cost to make or receive any phone call during college hours and after 08.00 pm.

. Phone calls should be made only on the numbers mentioned in the files of the students & no one is allowed to go to STD without written permission of class Incharge.

. Any one violating the rules will be fined.


. No students are allowed to take food to their room.

. For sick, food can be taken to room with permission of warden.

. No student is allowed take utensils from the mess. If any utensils will be found in room, Rs 100/- will be  charged per utensil.

 . There should not be wastage of food.

. Maintain queue while taking food.

. Food will be served turn wise not seniority wise.

. Follow timing of mess.

.Inform in advance to warden for sick student diet

. In case of any leave or fast, inform to warden,

. Each student will wear proper dress with  dupatta.

. Any student found while taking food to room will be charged 100 Rs.

. In case of any problem contact the mess committee members.


 * Students will do double make-ups for absence from duty.

* Fine will be charged from the student if she violates any of the above mentioned   rules.

*  Students will pay Rs. 100/- for not being abide by any above mentioned rule ,and successively, the rate of fine will be increased by Rs.25/- if student violates the rule .