Guru Nanak College of Nursing  Dhahan Kaleran FROM PRINCIPAL’S DESK

Education has always been a cornerstone of the society. The art and science of educating the students may have undergone tremendous changes but the ultimate aim of an educationist is still to see the students at a level of excellence where they are not only knowledgeable and skillful but are also sensitive to the needs of others.

Each School/ College has its own ethics, traditions and identity. Our college is one of the pioneer colleges in Punjab. Our students fare well in the university examinations. Our students have also earned laurels in sports, social awareness programmes & cultural activities. These all achievements are the result of conducive environment and opportunities provided to them. Our aim is to help the students to grow into mature, sensitive and responsible citizens and at the same time to fosters an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education. The highly qualified professional staff of the college work closely with parents to ensure that both home and the institute provide the best environment for the growth of the child.

Our effort is focused not only on pure study but also on providing opportunity to each child to explore his or her own capabilities and area of interest. For this, we provide each student with many activities, both co-curricular and extracurricular to help the student become the best person he or she can be. We  implement a philosophy of Personalised Education. We wish to see our students  as well integrated personalities, poised to take the challenges of the world. In living up to this aim, we would be fulfilling the vision of our Institution.

With Regards

Dr.Surinder Jaspal


Guru Nanak College of Nursing,  Dhahan Kaleran, Distt S.B. S. Nagar, Pb.

Dr. Surinder Jaspal  Principal, Guru Nanak College of Nursing		Dhahan Kaleran