Guru Nanak College of Nursing  Dhahan Kaleran ACADEMICS


There are adequate classrooms with the capacity of accommodating all the students admitted in each class. The rooms are well ventilated and properly lighted. The classrooms are  well equipped  with all the modern techniques for quality education.


Guru Nanak College of Nursing  has 8 laboratories having sophisticated modalities and all the required articles related to nursing and allied sciences. Following is a glance at each of the laboratory:


         As Library is considered to be the brain of the institute.  By providing access to information resources, the library contributes uniquely to the definition and implementation of the college’s academic priorities and goals. Guru Nanak College of Nursing has a well stocked, excellent library with efficient and effective information retrieval system within the reach at convenient time. The Libraryis  having a vast collection of technical journals and periodicals related to the required subjects. It is well equipped with Reference Books, Periodicals, Research Journals and Magazines of International standards in the area of Management, Mass Media, Journalism, Computer Application and Education.
         The Library is also equipped with Electronic Journals and Educational CDs. The List of Prominent Journals, Newspapers and Magazines subscribed for the Library is as under:-
         The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Economics Times, DanikJagran (Hindi), India Today (Weekly), The Week (Weekly), Business World( Weekly), Imapact (Weekly), Business Today( Fortnightly), Business & Economy (Fortnightly), Competition Success Review (Monthly).
         To make the library responsive to the needs of the students, their advice and suggestions are incorporated in the functioning of the library. To enhance information sources, the Institute has also undertaken institutional membership of several reputed libraries. Most of the activities of the library have been computerized.

AFFILIATED HOSPITALS : Following is the list of affiliated hospitals where we send our students for practical experience according to their syllabus requirement:

1. Doaba Hospital, Jalandhar

2. Chawla Children Hospital,  Jalandhar

3. Dr. Vidya Sagar Mental Hospital, Amritsar

4. Civil Hospital, Nawanshahr

5. PIIMS Hospital, Jalandhar

6. Sub Divisional Hospital (SDH), Banga

7. Community Health Centre (CHC), Mukandpur

PARENT HOSPITAL Guru Nanak Mission Hospital, Dhahan Kaleran, a Multispecialty Hospital is our Parent Hospital.